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General information
Can I use the online consultation in emergencies?
The online consultation is not suitable for emergencies. In urgent cases, please contact the responsible medical emergency service.
Is an online dermatological consultation as good as a conventional doctor's consultation?
Various studies show that in-person doctor-patient contact is often not necessary to identify a disease. Especially with dermatology being a visual field of medicine, specialists can give a treatment recommendation after being sent images and relevant information. However, an online consultation will not always be able to replace a visit to the doctor.
What are the advantages of an online consultation?
Spend less time travelling and in your doctor's waiting room. Don't wait ages for the next free appointment. Save money through an online consultation, compared to a conventional visit to the dermatologist.
Make an inquiry
How do I make an inquiry?
Contact your dermatologist in three steps:
  1. Open the inquiry, upload images, and complete the questionnaire.
  2. Log in with your login details or register for the first time.
  3. Payment can be made via Paypal and with the most common credit cards
What should I bear in mind when taking pictures of the skin issue? Skin symptoms?
Take at least one overview shot (from a sufficient distance) and 2-3 more close-ups (from different angles). Photos should be taken against a light, non-reflective background and should not be blurry. Depending on the skin change, it may be useful to add an object to the picture as a scale.
Is registration necessary?
When using the tool for the first time, you must register as part of submitting the inquiry. After a onetime registration, you can use your login details to submit further inquiries.
What do I need to submit an online inquiry?
Our service requires a computer/tablet/smartphone with internet access and an up-to-date browser (Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. – when using Internet Explorer, correct display cannot be guaranteed), and a mobile phone.
How long will I have to wait for an answer?
The time it takes for your inquiry to be answered is determined by the dermatologist and can be found on the doctor's website.
Can the dermatologist ask follow-up questions?
If the dermatologist has any follow-up questions, they can contact you via the derma2go platform. You will be notified by e-mail or SMS and can access and respond to the inquiry on the platform.
Can I ask the dermatologist further questions?
After the dermatologist has sent a definitive answer to your inquiry, the case will be closed. If you have any further questions, you must submit a new inquiry.
Receive medication
Is it possible to receive a medication?
Yes, in principle it is possible to obtain a drug in the course of an online consultation. If necessary, the dermatologist will recommend a medication so that you can start treating your skin problem quickly.
How do I receive the recommended medication?
You can have the recommended medication sent to your home. The purchase and shipping is done by a mail-order pharmacy cooperating with us. Alternatively, the doctor can send you a prescription by post. You can redeem the prescription at a pharmacy of your choice. Important: Medication and prescriptions can only be sent to German addresses.
When will I receive my medication?
Usually the shipment is made within a few working days via DHL. Shipping and payment is handled by the shipping pharmacy.
How do I pay for the medicine?
Payment is made by invoice. An invoice from the mailorder pharmacy will be enclosed with the medication order. Please note that the costs of the medication are only covered by private health insurance companies.
Costs and reimbursement
Which payment methods are accepted?
The amount can be paid by Paypal or credit card in the last step of the request. If a final assessment by the dermatologist is not possible (e.g. due to insufficient information, inadequate image quality or the need for a physical on-site assessment), the amount paid by the patient will not be refunded.
Is the fee covered by my health insurance?
You will receive an invoice based on the German scale of fees for doctors, which you can submit to your private health insurance company. Patients who are not privately insured use the online consultation as a self-payer service.
How will I be informed when I receive an answer?
You will be notified by either e-mail or SMS if your dermatologist has any follow-up questions or a definitive answer. You can then access the information on the platform. Since it can happen that our e-mails get into the spam folder, we ask you to check your spam folder regularly.
Can I choose to be notified by e-mail or SMS?
In your profile you can choose whether you want to be notified by SMS and/or e-mail. You can change this setting at any time.
Data protection
Where will my data be stored?
After you have completed the questionnaire and made a payment, your data will be transmitted in encrypted form and stored on specially secured servers.
What security precautions are taken to prevent unauthorised data access?
Every time you log in, we will send a one-time-use security code to your mobile phone (SMS), or e-mail address if you prefer.
Who do I contact if I have further questions?
If you have technical problems or other questions, please contact us via the contact form. We are at your service with pleasure.